Andrew’s Masonic Light Box

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Added on November 15, 2011

From: Andrew Raastad
Location: Casa Grande, AZ
Hobbyist or Pro: Hobbyist
Project Name: Masonic Light Box
Wood Species: Pine
Finish Used: As this is a wall hanging piece, I decided on “Minwax(R) Oil-Based Red Oak Wood Finish Interior Stain” to give it the look I wanted.

Project Description:
As a Mason I am an active member of the Fraternity and love my Lodge. As it nears its 100 year anniversary I wanted to do something special by putting to practice many of the new skills I have learned. I decided to update one of the most prominent and recognizable pieces of furniture in the Lodge. I based the design around another piece in the Lodge, but added my own take on it, and kept it within my experience and ability level.

The Light Box front face is all Tongue & Groove. Glass and plexiglass panels are used for the symbols, and wood paneling for the smaller sunken panel squares. The outer frame sides and bottom are joined using reinforced rabbets, with a rabbet along the entire side and bottom for the front face to fit into. Six additional vertical supports help keep the front face flat and individually enclose the three panels preventing light bleed-over. Miniature florescent computer 12v lights are used to light up the individual panels.


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