Al’s Bookshelf Chair

Viewer Project - By Al Mowbray from Rockford, IL
Added on September 8, 2016

After making two of Marc’s blanket chests for my granddaughters (great project, by the way—highly recommended!), I was casting about for something to make for my 10 year old grandson who is a total bookworm. My wife suggested a bookshelf chair. Having never heard of such, I did an internet search and got a few pictures as inspiration. As I was working out the dimensions (had to fit through his bedroom door, etc.), I found a replacement cushion for an outdoor patio chair and used that for the dimensions of the seat—then built the rest around that.

This project is made from 8/4 red oak for the uprights, with 3/4 inch oak dowels through the base and seating area, and oak plywood (1/2 inch) trimmed in red oak. The top shelves are made from red oak and purpleheart. Originally, I had planned on adding another shelf, but decided that it would be too unwieldy. I routed my grandson’s name into the back section and, since this is the 21st century, I added a charging station to the right of the chair (3 AC outlets and 2 USB ports). The chair back is angled 8 degrees to make reading while sitting more comfortable. Finish is Watco Danish oil (Natural) x 2 followed by 3 coats of Minwax wiping varnish.

Now that it’s finished, I have to move one blanket chest and this chair 2000 miles west to the Seattle area. A big thanks to Marc for all the great instruction and inspiration he provides!


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