AJ’s Train Bed

Viewer Project - By AJ from Tennessee
Added on February 15, 2017

When it came time for our 3 year old son to get a “big boy bed,” well of course I had to build one. He loves trains so I started looking at pictures of real steam locomotives to get some ideas and inspiration. I also looked at posts from both The Wood Whisperer and Fine Wood Working sites. I sketched some ideas on  paper in the shop and started playing with dimensions to make sure a twin mattress would fit. I settled on a  few drawings and what I had in my head and started building.

All the parts are poplar except for the light of course. I used a single piece of 1/2 inch birch ply for the bulk of the front. The most difficult part was the curved veneer for the front. Yeah, my bending form needs some work but overall, I’m very pleased with how it turned out. Seeing the smile on our son’s face brings great joy to my heart.


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