Afzelia (Doussie) Lamp Table

Viewer Project - By Bob
Added on August 6, 2009

The inspiration for this project came from two sources: my wife who loves Asian style furniture, artifacts and art; and a picture of a similar but taller plant stand done by Yeung Chan whom I met at a woodworking show. I had no plans, so “a la David Marks,” I built about 5 or 6 prototypes out of MDF until I got the proportions right. Believe it or not the hardest part was cutting the moulding around the top on my router table. I probably violated every safety rule in the book!

The Afzelia wanted to bow so the legs are all laminations of the solid wood. The top is plywood with radial veneer out of the Afzelia which I cut under the tutelage of David. The legs are joined to the top with Domino loose tenons. The bottom stretchers are a tri lap which I had to teach myself how to do by reading Chan’s book over and over and then execute from poplar with my dado blade over and over until I got it right. They are joined to the legs with Dominoes as well. Needless to say, I made a lot of jigs to get the Domino mortises in exactly the right places in the top and legs. The finish is good old Deft from a bunch of spray cans after sanding to 320 grit. I neglected to mention that the moulding miters are held tight by mini splines at the bottom.


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