Adirondack Chairs for Grady’s All-Stars

Viewer Project - By Dan Funk from Pittsburgh, PA
Added on June 15, 2014

This project was built by my students at Sto-Rox High School. We are a low income school and I am responsible for bringing this program back. This is what we have done in our first full year of existence and we are proud!

The purpose of this program is to get students working together. We work like an assemble line from cutting on the band saw, to using the router and flush cut trim, and finally sanding (no one likes sanding in my class). I initially wanted to donate these chairs to an elderly home or a home for homeless veterans, as a veteran, that is important to me. However, earlier this year one of our teachers loss one of his sons to a debilitating disease that both of his children were born with. When this happened, I changed my plan and decided to hold a silent auction for the chair set with the goal of giving all proceeds to Grady’s All-Stars which raises money for Bartters Syndrome. I am proud of my students for their hard work and plan to continue this program.

The students who built this set are Wood Working II students. Next year we are adding another section of the course and my goal is to make three total sets that we will auction off. Each class will make a full set rather than each class working on one chair.