Adam’s Wall Hanging Jewelry Box

Viewer Project - By Adam Terrell from North Attleboro, MA
Added on August 9, 2017

My wife had been complaining about how messy her small little jewelry box was and how hard it was to find matching earrings. So I started searching the internet for inspiration. I found that there were several hang on the wall and or over the door models that I thought would be really nice. So I began designing.

I started with the hanging mirror we had on the wall and used that for the dimensions. I then showed my wife several of the designs and asked her to tell me how she would like the inside to be laid out. I wanted the inside to be flexible. So I made shelving holes the entire length. I also made a french cleat system on the door so that the earring holder could be moved or other boxes/accessories could be created if desired. I used maple and finished it with an oil based poly to get the “glow” from the wood. It was a fun project!


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