Adam’s Chest of Drawers

Viewer Project - By Adam Murszewski from Australia
Added on December 14, 2011

I finally finished my Wood Whisperer Guild-inspired chest of drawers and have it in place so thought I’d send a few pics. Doing this project as part of the Guild was a fantastic experience and I wanted to extend my thanks for the guidance and support I received from Marc. While I didn’t build exactly to the plan, (I had slightly different needs, i.e. something that would store clothing but also house a TV, DVD unit etc.) the Guild plans, sketch-up files and videos, plus of course, Marc’s advice was invaluable. This is by far the most challenging project I’ve attempted (I’m just a weekend warrior) – without the Guild I simply wouldn?t have known where to start and probably wouldn?t have even attempted such a challenging project. Receiving such extensive and tailored support from the other side of the world (I live in Australia) was outstanding and shows the value of the internet and online guilds such as this one. My cabinet is now in place and we love it! I plan to replace the drawer knobs with something a bit more unique ? but otherwise I couldn?t be happier. Thanks again Marc, for all your support on this project. I look forward to starting the hanging wall cabinet soon. Thanks again mate!


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