We Moved, It’s Humid, and a Game Changer for Rust Prevention?!

Video - July 15, 2022

The move from Denver to Missouri happened, but not the way I had planned. Thankfully Mom was there to back me up and everything eventually made it to our new home in Missouri. My tools are stuffed in a detached garage and the commercial shop space is still in process. I’ll keep you posted as that situation develops.

Since I’m moving from one of the driest cities in the country to one of the more humid cities, I needed to finally take rust prevention seriously. I came across a cool product called Carbon Method and I’m hoping this will be a game-changer for rust prevention. It works by coating the surface with a single layer of graphite, providing a slick surface that’s protected from rush for months at a time. Does it work as well as they say? Let’s find out together! Check them out at CarbonMethod.com. To reiterate what I said in the video, I purchased this product with my own money. After talking with the owner, we decided to run an ad together with the caveat being I’d report back in a few months after my tools were exposed to high humidity.

We are now part of Carbon Method’s affiliate program which means if you purchase their products using our link, we get a small kickback. You can also use the code SpagCoat for 10% off at checkout. Click Here.


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