186 – Wall-Hanging Magazine Rack

Video - November 2, 2012

For the last few years, Popular Woodworking has been publishing numerous projects within their I Can Do That series. The idea is to provide straightforward project plans that just about anybody can do with a basic set of tools. Back in 2009, with Popular Woodworking’s permission, I decided to build a few of these projects for our Guild members. So this video shows you how to build the Wall-Hanging Magazine Rack, designed by Glen Huey. And because I don’t like to leave well enough alone, I’ll also show you an alternative version of the magazine rack that employs a few of my personal design changes.

Please note that this video was originally filmed in 2009. I was working out of a very crowded garage at the time in hopes of proceeding with my Dream Shop build. That was just days before the sale of our old house fell through and everything went to crap. So don’t be confused by the appearance of an old shop space. The Dream Shop wasn’t really a dream and it does exist. Ha!

Pocket Screw Construction

If you are a fan of The Wood Whisperer, you probably know that I don’t make use of pocket screws very often. I don’t begrudge anyone who uses them as primary form of joinery. It’s just my personal preference not to. But my goal with my website has never been to recruit you into MY way of doing things. Instead, I want to show you as many ways as possible to get the job done. Once you are armed with that information, you can make an educated decision on the tools and techniques you want to use. So this project makes extensive use of pocket screw joinery and I spend a great deal of time explaining the entire process.

Design Changes

Glen Huey’s original design was fairly straightforward and does a great job of holding a large numer of magazines in a small space. The changes I made to my version were not only visual, but also functional. First, I wanted a little more knuckle clearance for removing magazines. You’ll see I added a slight curve on the bottom of each shelf for this reason, which also happens to look pretty cool. Second was the fact that I want to see more of each magazine. To do this, I decided to take away the front support boards and replace them with two pieces of metal dowel stock. This supports the magazines just as effectively but also allows me to see the title and some of the magazine’s cover content. I also added a slight curve at the top of each side piece, just to take away some of the blockiness.

This is a fun weekend project that I’m sure you’ll enjoy. Why not make a few at a time and give them away as gifts!

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