One & Two Sheet Bookcase Complete!

Video - October 8, 2012

One of my primary goals with the new Wood Whisperer Guild structure was to diversify the project selection. Not every project has to be a 3-month endeavor requiring a pro-level shop full of tools! So I decided to start the “Limited Tools” series. The idea is to create a beautiful project using a basic complement of tools. To the left, you can see the results of our first effort: the One & Two Sheet Bookcase.

To be more specific, the video series covers the construction of the Two-Sheet version of the bookcase, since that is the more difficult of the two. We also provide plans (PDF and SketchUp) for a simpler One-Sheet version. I built the bookcase for my mom and as you can see, she already put it to good use.

To build this bookcase, I used a circular saw, a drill, a router, and a miter saw. The materials can all be sourced from the local home center. So if you are just getting into the craft, this project is a perfect place to start. If you are more experienced and already have a bunch of fancy tools, perhaps you just need a new bookcase for your office. Either way, it’s a great build coming in at over 3 hours of video content.

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