187 – The Knife Block

Video - November 14, 2012

For the last few years, Popular Woodworking has been publishing numerous projects within their I Can Do That series. The idea is to provide straightforward project plans that just about anybody can do with a basic set of tools. Back in 2009, with Popular Woodworking’s permission, I decided to build a few of these projects for our Guild members. So this video shows you how to build the Knife Block, designed by Chris Schwarz. It’s a fun little project that makes a great gift, especially if you’re sick of giving people cutting boards as presents! Please note that this video was originally filmed in 2009.

The knife block is one of those practical projects that is a fun diversion from the things we normally make. This video not only covers the construction of the knife block, but also my technique for milling an extra wide board that is too wide for my jointer. This is one of those projects that really shows the need for honing BOTH your hand tool and power tool skills.

You can download the plan here. If you decide to make one, don’t be afraid to deviate from the plan. Change the dimensions, try a different wood species, and heck, maybe even change the shape and the joinery! The sky’s the limit!

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