12 – A Guide to Woodworking Clamps

Video - March 16, 2007

Today’s show is all about clamps. There are so many varieties out there and unless you’ve been woodworking for a number of years, its difficult to know which ones to buy. Furthermore, how do you know which ones to buy multiples of? I review all the clamps I own and show you some of the newer clamps to hit the market, namely the Jet Parallel Clamps and the Irwin Quick Grip XP’s. At the very least, I hope I can help you avoid doing what I did in the beginning: buying clamps you don’t need.

Most of the items featured in this episode are available in The Wood Whisperer Amazon Store. So if you need to pick up a few clamps, that’s a great way to do it.

Products Used

  • Jet Parallel Clamps
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