141 – Shop Journal #2

Video - March 19, 2011

After I posted the previous Shop Journal entry, there was about two weeks of post-construction inactivity. Essentially, this was the calm before the storm. I had just a couple of days to move some smaller items into the new space before the movers came for the big power tools. The move itself went well, with the exception of one near-mishap, which I happened to get footage of.

Now that the tools are in place, its time to start getting the place ready for some sawdust-slingin’ action! I hope you enjoy this insider’s look into my shop move.

Just a quick technical note. This video was shot entirely on my little Flip Cam. You’ll notice a much “shakier” presentation than normal. But its the small form factor that allowed me to get this footage in the first place. So hopefully it won’t be too distracting.

Want to have fun with my SketchUp Shop Drawing? Download it here!


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