Just a Shoe Rack

Video - February 18, 2019

We needed a shoe rack for a spot in our bathroom that always seems to collect shoes. Other than being narrow and having as much capacity as possible, I didn’t have any restrictions on the design. So I decided to have some fun by designing something different and maybe a little weird. Made from African Mahogany and Curly Maple, the rack features four shelves held to the legs via through mortise and tenon joints. The rack tapers upward and the shelves get proportionally narrower as they go up. The wood is doing most of the visual work on this piece and the little details might go unnoticed. I found this to be a fun exercise in joinery and designing on the fly. And thankfully, it actually works quite well as a shoe rack.

Product note: I used to use a lot of epoxy for long glueups. Since working with Titebond, I’ve had an opportunity to sample their hide glue and this just might be my new go-to glue for complex assemblies. Check it out. 


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