Hall Tree & Bench

Video - February 16, 2015

hall-tree-benchLast Summer, I was invited to appear as a guest on the PBS woodworking show Rough Cut with Tommy Mac. I jumped on the opportunity and flew out to Boston to spend a day in Tommy’s shop. The experience wasn’t all that unlike what I do every day in my own shop: video cameras and woodworking. It’s kind of what I do. But there was one key difference: I wasn’t calling the shots. That means I had to break my habit of looking at the camera and I had absolutely no control over what made it into the final version of the show. That was all very new to me.

The show has already aired on PBS in many markets but some cities don’t even carry the show. Furthermore, folks outside the US might have trouble getting access. So I contacted the powers that be and asked if it would be possible to run the episode here on The Wood Whisperer. I was surprised and delighted that they said yes.

So I’d thank to thank the folks at WGBH for letting me do this, as well as David M. and Tommy for helping make it all happen. Of course I have to thank Eli as well for designing the Hall Tree & Bench.


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