180 – RoboReel Giveaway, Shop Update, Bookcase Guild Build

Video - August 19, 2012

It’s time for a long overdue update. Here’s what’s new:

RoboReel Giveaway

For the month of August, we are giving away a RoboReel motorized cord reel. This is one of those products I didn’t know I needed until after I saw the video. OK well I don’t really NEED it but I sure as heck WANT it! For a chance to win, all you need to do is participate here at TheWoodWhisperer.com. The winner will be selected randomly from all comments left on the site this month. Want to see the RoboReel video? Check this out!

Shop Tour

The new shop is just a few weeks away from completion. I wanted to give you a quick video tour so you can see where the progress stands today. You can read up on previous Dream Shop Updates here.

Bookcase Build

The next project being built in the Wood Whisperer Guild is the One & Two Sheet Bookcases Build. This series is just starting and you can jump in right now. Also, due to some recent changes to the Guild structure, buying access to one single project makes you a Guild member for life! So for only $30, you can get access to this project and become a Guild member! How’s that for a deal? Learn More.

Products Used