137 – River Bend Windsor Chair Kit

Video - January 7, 2011

Update – I can’t seem to locate current links to these chair kits so I’m not sure if they are in production anymore.

Several months ago, my friends at the Woodwerks Supply in Ohio sent me one of their new River Bend Windsor Chair Kits. To be honest, I was just excited to be able to make a chair for my mom. I knew she would love the style and comfort of a Windsor and I have never even thought about making one. I thought the project would be similar to buying a piece of “furniture” from IKEA. A little glue, a few dowels, and presto! You got yourself a nice new chair! Well, much to my pleasant surprise, there was quite a bit of woodworking to do. This video outlines the process of putting this kit together and I even go so far as to give you a few compelling reasons why a kit like this makes sense for new AND experienced woodworkers alike!


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