RGB Gaming Desk

Video - March 11, 2021

Warning! This video is less of a how-to and more of a process documentary. There’s a lot of talking, pontificating, thinking out loud, and general yappin’. I had to work through some challenges as I built the RGB top and I don’t pull any punches on the materials and tools I used to make it. I hope you enjoy this slightly different style of video.  

You don’t have to spend too much time around Nicole and me to find out that we’re avid gamers. Whether it’s on consoles, mobile, or PCs, we’re nearly always playing something after the kids go to bed. And our gaming history goes back to the day we met, which I won Nicole over by showing her my shiny new Sega Dreamcast. A lot of time has passed since then and I just recently picked up a new PC from Doghouse Systems. They’re a sponsor of this episode by the way. Use the code WOODWHISPERER for a free SSD Upgrade. Because I had this new badass PC, I felt it was time to upgrade our gaming desks. Inspired by the trestle base designs seen in many modern metal and plastic gaming desks, I set out to create something more elegant and hopefully include RGB lighting in a way that’s tasteful. It was also important to me that the desk continue to look nice even if the RGB isn’t used, since as trends evolve I imagine one day we’ll all look back and thing, “WTF with all that RGB?!”

The desk features a set-back trestle base that allows for plenty of leg room. The top has lots of surface area for a big monitor, speakers, and any other peripherals you might need. At the back I installed a large tray for cable management. It’s as comfy as it is beautiful.

Looking for the video on keeping panels flat? Watch here! 

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