160 – My New Outfeed Table

Video - October 11, 2011

Years ago, I borrowed some inspiration from Norm and built a simple plywood work table and used it as my tablesaw outfeed table. That original table is long gone but I recently built another one. I did include some changes and that’s what this video is about. I think this design is a little better, but it was all based on the original concept. You can watch the original video here.

All you need to make a table like this is a couple sheets of plywood and some hardwood (or in my case MDF) for trim.

Q&A Topics:

Finish for the outfeed table
Split-Top Roubo
New Fangled Workbench
Boutique tools

The OLD Outfeed Table

I have had a few requests for more details on my old folding outfeed table. While I don’t have exact measurements for you, these pictures should help you figure it out.

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