157 – My New Assembly Table

Video - September 18, 2011

This video was recording live on 9/14/11. My goal was to discuss my new torsion box assembly table and what makes it different from the original Torsion Box Assembly Table. To be perfectly frank, the differences weren’t great enough to justify making this project into a new video series. But I thought you would enjoy getting a look at some of the minor changes. You can read a little more about the assembly table in this article: How I Spent My Summer Vacation.

As with all live sessions, we had a little Q&A as well. Questions include:
What wood is appropriate for a workbench?
Can you use a hollow core door for an assembly table?
Fixing a chair that was chewed by a dog?
Can you combine a torsion box and a workbench? Check out the torsion box workbench!


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