Modifying a Builtin – I Did it for the Kids!

Video - August 26, 2022

When we moved into our new house, one of the first jobs I wanted to do was modifying a builtin. The family room featured a large builtin entertainment center that was clearly made for an old bulky CRT TV. These days, we can get much larger screen sizes in the same space so I decided to make some changes to the builtin that would allow me to install a much larger TV, while removing decorative shelves that were of no use to us.

I started by removing two partitions as well as the two banks of shelves. Yes, I can taste the 4K goodness already! The project was a little more involved than I originally expected and the situation was complicated by the fact that all of my tools are still packed away, but I was able to get to the finish line in one day with some careful cutting, patching, and painting. And while you might think this is something I did for my own selfish reasons, I actually did it for my kids. ;)

Looking for the multi-tool I used in this video? Go here!


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