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Many houses and condos feature simple builder-grade oak cabinets. They’re inexpensive, simple, unobtrusive, and very “vanilla” so they won’t clash with appliances or other accessories one might add to a kitchen. But for those who wish to make their kitchen look a little more stylish, the outdated oak cabinets just don’t cut it. You guys probably know by now that I’m not real big on paint in general. I like to build with quality hardwoods and I use finishes that enhance their natural beauty. But in this case, we’re talking about mass-produced oak consisting mostly of sheetgoods. Furthermore, these cabinets are in my mom’s new condo and she really likes the painted look, so I’m going to make her happy.

To Pore Fill or Not to Pore Fill?

Oak is an open-grained species so if you just slap on a coat of paint, the pores will telegraph through the finish and you won’t have a smooth appearance. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, depending on your preferences. In our case, my mom wants the doors to have a smooth appearance so we’re pore-filling. The filler I use is Timbermate. This stuff is usually used as a putty and is very thick but it’s also water-soluble, so you can simply dilute it until you have a spreadable loose pancake batter consistency. Most times, one coat is all you’ll need. After the filler dries, the excess is sanded off and the only filler left on the doors and drawers is the stuff that’s packed into the grain. Just FYI, I did not do the pore-filling process on the face frames and cabinets inside the house. It’s a VERY dusty procedure and most of the face frames are covered by doors and drawers.


There are a TON of paint products on the market that would work on cabinets. Since I rarely delve into paint, I’m sticking with the materials I’m familiar with and that’s General Finishes Milk Paint. In spite of its name, this paint is actually an acrylic blend but provides the matte look that’s associated with traditional milk paint. Even though it’s more durable than the traditional stuff, it should still be top-coated with something like General Finishes High Performance if it’s to be in a high-use environment.

I used a turbine HVLP system to spray the doors and drawers and a brush and roller to paint the face frames and cabinets. I chose not to paint the cabinet interiors. If you do paint the interiors, consider the wear and tear of dishes and glasses and that the surfaces might look pretty bad after a while.

Stuff I Used:

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00:12:12 – How much does bent lamination spring back when removed from the form?
00:14:20 – What hardwood did you use for the trim on shop cabinets?
00:15:14 – What are your thoughts on bringing in a bandsaw as one of the first big power tools?
00:18:00 – Any suggestions for getting a better finish from a drum sander?
00:20:10 – Is a hollow chisel mortiser worth the floor space if you have a domino?
00:23:40 – How can you optimize storage in shop cabinets?
00:25:30 – Can you use the 5 cut method to dial in a table saw fence?
00:27:35 – Have you ever used oil-based stain?
00:29:45 – Expansion on the 5 cut method answer
00:31:55 – Do you ever design on the fly?
00:33:20 – What are some resources to get started in furniture design?
00:36:07 – How much paint do you need to use before you get good coverage on the hall tree?
00:38:40 – How can I find information on my local woodworking group?
00:42:05 – Do you have any resources for learning how to BBQ? Resource 1, 2, 3
00:46:20 – Is there a wood you wouldn’t use for loose tenons?
00:47:20 – Should I use a food-safe finish on a chessboard?
00:48:20 – What should my order of operations be when assembling a cedar chest?
00:49:20 – Maybe he meant cheese board?
00:50:20 – Can I create a faux shiplap look out of plywood?
00:51:22 – How can I reduce tear-out from cutting miters?
00:53:13 – What’s your policy on lending out tools?
00:55:00 – What grits would you recommend on sharpening with diamond stones?
00:56:15 – Do you use the table that came with the drill press or do you have an aftermarket one?
00:57:25 – Would you consider making a video of your average workday?
00:58:50 – Nicole, when did you start letting Marc build furniture for your home?
01:02:15 – Is the Anarchist Design book any good?
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7:37 – How should I remove the paint from my old cabinets to prepare them for refinishing?
8:43 – Why did you move to Colorado?
10:10 – Do you still have the gadget station?
11:03 – Should I allow wood to acclimate in my shop or my home?
12:54 – Do you know any other People of Color Woodworking channels\Instagram Accounts?
On YouTube: Darryl Jones – WoodTurner, Sean the Maker, Handmade with Ashley, On Instagram: D and S Craftworks, Jay at Life1122, Tazboards (TJ & Ev), Lauren at Rasp File Design, XX44 Woodworkers, Alan Got Wood and Dunns Wood.
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19:17 – Youtube has a Patreon-Like system, are you considering it?
20:22 – Where do you draw the line on taking care of all parts of a project, even those you can’t see?
22:55 – Have you ever felt overwhelmed in the shop? How do you get past that feeling?
26:51 – What are some of your shop layout and efficiency pointers?
30:36 – Why is Marc digging into his fingers?
31:08 – What could I replace my tablesaw with if I don’t have room for a Tablesaw?
33:27 – I have an old PM66 Table Saw – How can I change blades without cutting my hands?
36:39 – How can I sharpen my kitchen knives?
39:45 – How can I try and darken both Sapele and Red oak and still have them compliment each other?
41:53 – Have you tried out any of the thermally modified wood? Has Austin Hardwoods gotten any interesting exotics in?
44:50 – What’s the deal with spray Poly directions versus the normal gallon cans?
46:53 – How do you attach aromatic cedar in the bottom of the blanket chest if you wanted to add some?
47:16 – I am making the guild stepstool, can I laminate wood to get thicker wood?
49:14 – Looking to resaw with my new 14″ bandsaw, what size blade should I use?
50:33 – Have you ever taken on a very large order and was it worth it if you did?
53:25 – What do I need to know before power carving with an angle grinder?
55:07 – Is Marc attending the grand opening of April Wilkerson’s woodshop?
56:40 – Where should I start researching what Pellet Grill or Smoker to get to up my BBQ game?

00:00:35 - Welcome to the WoodWhisperer Morning Show
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00:01:38 - Patrick Beja and Tom Merritt Work In Sanity podcast
00:03:17 - Mail time!
00:05:20 - Do you have experience adding toner to finish?
00:07:01 - Any update on guild projects this year?
00:09:50 - Any advice on the bread box guild project?
00:10:30 - How is the dust collection on different brands of miter saws?
00:12:10 - Are helical cutters easier to set up in jointers?
00:13:25 - What's the difference between a regular jointer and a parallelogram jointer?
00:14:20 - What are some of the most important features you look for on a drill press?
00:15:55 - How can I weatherproof panels of an exterior door?
00:18:02 - What kind of finish can I use on my countertops?
00:19:15 - Are there any decent plug cutters that don't burn the wood?
00:20:45 - How can I fix a router gouge in the show face of a piece?
00:22:40 - If you had the knowledge you have now, would you have continued being a furniture maker?
00:24:08 - Nicole clears the air
00:26:12 - How can I remove too tight dovetails that I dry assembled and can't get out?
00:27:57 - What tool should I get first if I want to process rough lumber?
00:28:53 - How can I account for the wood movement when making panels for the G&G entry bench?
00:29:37 - Is there adjustment that prevents snipe on a drum sander?
00:31:03 - How can I learn to cut dovetails?
00:32:10 - When can I skip plane my board?
00:33:25 - What finish can I use for a shaving brush that will be in the bathroom?
00:34:50 - What sizes dominos do you normally use?
00:37:30 - How can I help boiled linseed oil keep from seeping out of the wood?
00:41:00 - How can you finetune the amount of suction on your random orbit sander?
00:42:25 - What is the minimum HP on a drill press to use a forstener bit?
00:43:45 - What's your opinion on Richlite hard wax oil?
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00:00:45 – Welcome to the WoodWhisperer Morning Show
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00:07:22 – What’s the best beginner guild project? Shaker Table & Writing Desk
00:09:00 – What feedback have you gotten on the quality of Bell Forrest kits?
– Is a planer/jointer combo worth the floor footprint savings?
00:12:15 – What brand Japanese saw is a good brand?
00:13:38 – What is the best vice option for the Roubo bench?
00:15:55 – Can you use spalted pecan wood in a smoker?
00:17:50 – What’s your favorite router bit?
00:19:20 – What Festool router size do you recommend?
00:20:47 – How can you prevent bleeding when using two tone stain?
00:23:00 – What’s a common geometry of how far down an apron starts on a table leg?
00:23:55 – Are wedding rings or watches a safety hazard in the shop?
00:26:50 – What size and how many parallel clamps would you recommend?
00:30:01 – Do you prefer double stick tape or blue tape with CA glue?
00:33:40 – Did you finish the interior of your dog holes on your bench?
00:34:14 – Any tricks on keeping champfers crisp when sanding?
00:35:00 – Any recommendations on creating champfers with hand tools?
00:36:50 – What are some examples of open pore woods?
00:38:13 – Any recommendations on resizing the roubo?
00:39:42 – What are your thoughts on windows in the shop over wall space?
00:41:35 – How many teeth do you recommend for a ripping blade?
00:42:21 – What’s the best way I can power carve a block of wood into a cloud?
00:44:23 – Should I get the 500 or 700 domino?
00:47:53 – How can I sharpen the pin on a marking gauge?
00:48:55 – Do you sand between paint coats?
00:49:55 – How do you mark out large right angles?
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00:00:38 - Welcome to the Wood Whisperer Morning Show
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00:08:33 - What do you do to protect projects while waiting for finishes to cure?
00:11:10 - Which blade do you have in your tablesaw?
00:13:10 - Thoughts on the Woodpeckers Clampzilla?
00:16:50 - Is the sliding table saw worth the cost and space?
00:17:56 - What brand were the shop towels that you were sent?
00:18:52 - Any tips for getting great results when edge banding plywood?
00:21:25 - How can I best store all woorworking tools for over a year? T9 Boesheild, Corrosion Inhibitor and desiccant
00:24:45 - Can you leave the chip breaker on an iron when honing the edge of the blade?
00:28:20 - Why do grits vary by brand for sandpaper?
00:30:30 - What sized router should I get?
00:33:45 - What finish do you use on cutting boards?
00:37:25 - How can you keep your workbench clean when sharpening your tools?
00:39:00 - Is there a cost effective replacement for West Systems epoxy? Total Boat
00:40:10 - What tips do you have on properly burnishing the edges of a card scraper?
00:43:07 - Can a Forest Woodworker 2 be an everyday blade?
00:49:00 - Has your Jet clamp ever broke?
00:50:05 - What are you thoughts on the duragrit carbide sanding discs?

Products recommended by Marc

The only thing I love more than woodworking is barbecue and my favorite way to cook it is on a kamado grill. After I got my XL Big Green Egg, I just had to build a stand worthy of it. Made from Sapele, this stand is beefy enough to take the substantial weight of a large ceramic grill and then some. The cloud lifts in the rails hint at Greene & Greene influence and take the humble BGE Table to a whole new level. I designed the table specifically for an XL Big Green Egg but you can certainly adapt it to any size or brand kamado you like. I also made sure the stand is compatible with the protective covers Big Green Egg makes for their own tables. If you want to make your own XL Big Green Egg Table, check out our plan and templates.

Stuff I Used:

00:00:35 – Good morning, it’s the Woodworking Morning Show
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00:07:00 – Sama eyewear plug
00:09:30 – Glove giveaway
00:11:30 – Wood recommendations for a backyard swingset?
00:13:15 – Scraper giveaway
00:14:40 – Do your hands sweat when using latex gloves when finishing?
00:16:05 – Woodpeckers marking gauge giveaway
00:18:05 – What kind of glue can I use for an outdoor sign I’m making?
00:21:55 – Would you choose TS 55 or TS 75?
00:23:00 – Dovetail saw giveaway
00:24:00 – What model router bit did you use on your raised panel doors?
00:24:48 – What first project did you do that made you think “I can do this for a living?”
00:29:15 – Can I do anything to stabilize pitch pocket cracks?
00:30:55 – MLCS router giveaway
00:32:12 – Where can I buy that clock?
00:35:28 – Any suggestions for knockdown hardware?

Festool DF 500 Connectors

00:37:05 – Woodwhisperer memorabilia giveaway
00:37:28 – Would you redo the upholstery on the Morris chair if you did it again?
00:38:25 – Extra Woodwhisperer memorabilia giveaway
00:39:40 – Can the MFT and tracksaw be a viable substitute for a table saw?
00:41:06 – Glove giveaway part 2
00:41:50 – What positives do you see coming out of this whole pandemic thing?
00:47:35 – Would you rather add a filter to the dust collection unit or get an air cleaner?
00:49:30 – Table saw set up dial giveaway
00:50:45 – What are your thoughts on the twin-turbo vice swivel mount?
00:52:22 – Any tips on using aniline dye?
00:53:50 – How can I strip an old film finish off a rocking chair?

G&G Adirondack Chair

00:56:15 – Does Osmo vs Rubio have specific applications?
01:01:25 – What’s your opinion on cabinets in a router table?
01:02:30 – Woodpeckers board mill as an alternative to a jointer?
01:03:30 – Woodpeckers corner guide giveaway
01:03:50 – Any ideas on what to make out of a 6″x6″x13″ block of wood?
01:07:00 – Would you prefer a knockdown workbench that’s larger or a smaller workbench that’s permanent?
01:08:35 – Can I lessen the amber color of the shellac I’m using?
01:09:45 – Power cap filtration giveaway

00:00:31 – Video starts
00:00:38 – Welcome to the Wood Whisperer Morning Show
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00:01:40 – Announcements for TWW store changes
00:02:40 – New product announcement
00:08:00 – How can I sand and put a round over on very small pieces safely?
00:10:47 – How should I arrange the pins and tails of dovetails on a drawer?
00:12:00 – Are parallelogram jointers worth the extra money?
00:12:50 – How many guild projects do I need to own before becoming a “good buddy”?
00:13:50 – Do you own a scroll saw?
00:14:55 – Would you own a stroke sander?
00:16:40 – How square is square enough?
00:19:05 – What are the changes you made to the gap stop in your workbench?
00:20:58 – Would you install a leg vice or a long chop on the face vice if you could only have one?
00:22:50 – What’s the best way to move large tools into a new shop?
00:25:25 – How do you use a sharpening jig on odd-shaped irons?
00:26:20 – Big Green Egg table update
00:27:30 – How can you determine the finish on an existing piece of furniture?
00:30:40 – Does the dust in the shop with electronics concern you?
00:32:38 – Do you have your router bits sharpened?
00:34:38 – How can I get the curve on the front of the jewelry box without a rasp or spokeshave?
00:36:38 – How can I properly use a card scraper?
00:39:00 – Where did you get the mat on your bench?
00:40:30 – How can I clean a spiral router bit?
00:43:00 – Any update on the intro to woodworking going?
00:44:30 – Where’s the line between following a style and adapting to your needs?
00:46:45 – Glove giveaways!
00:49:00 – Self-centering bits giveaway!
00:50:30 – Woodpeckers EZ edge giveaway
00:53:15 – Next week giveaways announcements!
00:53:55 – Guild project winner! Congratulations!
00:54:50 – What paint can the fuji sprayer handle?

Products recommended by Marc

00:00:44 – Video starts
00:00:51 – Good morning, it’s the Woodworking Morning Show
00:03:50 – Thanks to our Patreon subscribers!
00:04:10 – Insulated mug plug
00:06:00 – Nesting tables clip

Nesting Tables

Nesting Tables

00:08:45 – What’s your buffing method for certain finishes?

How to Apply Rubio Monocoat to Furniture

00:09:45 – Why did you go with Milwaukee for your cordless tools?
00:12:25 – How long have you had Powermatic as a sponsor?
00:15:02 – How are you liking the size and layout of your shop? What would you change?
00:16:55 – What’s the best finish for an outdoor mahogany piece?
00:19:00 – What finish should I use for an end table that will have hot coffee mugs on it?
00:20:42 – What are some differences between Osmo and wipe on poly?
00:22:17 – Can we should at your “store” on the amazon app?
00:23:00 – Will Osmo help keep color and grain contrast of wood?
00:24:50 – How would epoxy react if applied to a waxed surface?
00:27:42 – Is there a good ratio on the thickness of drawer sides vs the drawer front?
00:29:00 – What’s the best way to glue hardboard to wood?
00:30:35 – Would an air filtration unit be less effective if it was on a shelf instead of hung?
00:31:50 – What’s a good tape measure?
00:34:15 – Where can I find the spreadsheet of previously asked questions?
00:35:48 – How do you know when an abrasive disc is spent?
00:39:08 – Do you have different chisels for paring vs chopping?
00:40:27 – Any recommendations on a belt sander?
00:43:00 – Would dewaxed shellac offer the same protection as regular shellac?
00:44:35 – What’s a good locking bevel or angle gauge?
00:47:00 – Is there a cheat sheet for what finishes can handle what abuse?
00:50:42 – What do you use to clean up epoxy squeeze out?
00:56:15 – Is Mateo a family name?

Mateo “The Apprentice” – March 2013

00:57:50 – Can you use the drum sanger for the big green egg table?
00:59:45 – What epoxy would you use to fix a chair?
01:01:40 – Guild project winner! Congratulations!

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This set of Nesting Tables is a little more delicate and “artistic” than my usual stuff. I spent a lot of time consulting with two design-savvy friends in hopes of coming up with something that was visually compelling when nested together as well as when separated. So thanks to John Funk and Brian Benham for their assistance. These tables are somewhat delicate with regard to the side designs but overall they’re pretty sturdy. Mortise and tenon joints hold everything together and the sides offered some fun opportunities in segmented ring construction.

If you’re interested in the full set of videos and plans, head on over to the Wood Whisperer Guild site to learn more. 

00:00:32 – Video starts
00:00:40 – Welcome to the Woodworking Morning Show
00:00:53 – Thanks to our new Patreon subscribers
00:03:15 – Where did you get your glue roller?
00:05:00 – What’s the difference between the Pantorouter and the multirouter?
00:06:45 – Why don’t you have the multirouter anymore?
00:09:25 – Would Marc’s knife display box be a decent jewelry box?
00:10:28 – What’s a good non Festool router you would buy?
00:11:45 – Has Nicole ever made anything?
00:13:10 – Do you use leather strops in your sharpening?
00:15:35 – What are some of the higher detailed (marketry, kumiko, etc) projects are you more interested now than you have in the past?
00:17:50 – What’s your favorite shop smell?
00:20:40 – What are your opinions on raised panel doors?
00:22:05 – Are disc/belt sanders hook and loop or adhesive back?
00:22:40 – Where did you get the hardware for your bench cabinet?
00:23:28 – Is sanding to 320 grit bad for Rubio?
00:27:22 – What’s your go to counter sink bit?
00:30:15 – Is there a tool you won’t work with because it’s too dangerous?
00:32:50 – What brand / model bandsaw would you buy if you could only have one?
00:36:40 – What’s your favorite way to cut mortise and tenons?
00:37:15 – What’s your least used large tool?
00:39:05 – What’s an inverted router?
00:40:17 – What’s your take on french cleat walls?
00:42:20 – Would using magnets in the chisel holder magnetize the chisels?
00:43:35 – How do you pick between sandpaper or card scraper?
00:45:30 – What’s the initial setup I need to do on my new bandsaw?
00:46:45 – Does Rubio change the color of epoxy?
00:48:00 – Do you talk about hand tool brand recommendations in your book?
00:51:23 – Guild project winner! Congratulations!

My wife and I moved into a new home and since both boys are out of the house we have two bedrooms to play with. Alaina wanted a Thomas Mosier, “New Century China” bed that costs around $6,000. I decided I’d try to sort of copy the idea using $60 worth of materials from the big box store. Then if it worked out, I’d spend real money for Cherry or Sapele. I’m no Thomas Mosier, nor am I a Marc Spagnulo… but the bed turned out very nice. Since all I had to go by were internet photos, I had to guess the dimensions and scale. Clearly I didn’t get it right, but it actually turned out to be a very attractive piece of furniture. I used my Domino XL and knock-down connectors to attach the headboard and footboard to the side rails. I used the XL’s huge tenons to connect everything else. Essentially I milled down 2×8 douglas fir and laminated the pieces to create all the parts that were thicker than 1 1/4″ (which was almost everything). Then I sat down and sketched out the dimensions for the headboard design and footboard parts. I carefully measured everything and cheated by using the domino to connect it all together. The finish was built-up using “General Finishes” products. I hand-brushed a stain-block primer and hand sanded the first coat with 220. Then I applied a second coat to stop tanin bleed-through. I lightly sanded it to 300 then applied four coats of “China Blue” milk paint topped with a single coat of Enduro Var to warm it up.