145 – Greene & Greene Coffee Table Pictorial

Video - April 18, 2011

Every year, I like to take some time off for my own woodworking eduction. I truly believe that a craftsman never stops learning. Even when you think you know all there is about a technique or topic, there is always something to be gained from another perspective. A 5-day class at the William Ng School fits the bill quite nicely for an educational adventure.

The William Ng School is located in Anaheim, Ca and features class projects that really speak to me; lots of Asian-influenced work as well as numerous Greene & Greene pieces. Also, its only about a 6 hour drive, so I can build any size project and bring it back with me. The instructors are always top-notch and the shop assistants are helpful and knowledgeable. The lunches are excellent and there is always enough coffee and green tea to go around.

If you’ve never taken a 5-day class, I’d highly recommend it. You will be amazed at what you can build with no distractions in a well-outfitted shop. I’m not sure at what point in my life five days of non-stop manual labor became fun, but I’m there now! This is my ideal vacation!

Last year, I attended Darrell Peart’s Aurora End Table class (see the 6 Days to Aurora series of posts), so this year I decided to take William Ng’s Greene & Greene Coffee Table class. The tables compliment one another and more importantly, Nicole has been waiting patiently for me to build her a coffee table for the last ten years! Scratch one off the honey-do list!

Part of this little vacation is NOT documenting every step of the process, but I do enjoy taking photos. So that’s what I have for you here: a pictorial that documents the process in pictures. I hope you enjoy.


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