Gaming Dining Table

Video - December 8, 2015

Nicole and I are big gamers, be they video, dice, cards or classic board games. So when I was tasked with building a new dining table I knew I wanted it to be multi-purpose, serving our needs for meals as well as gaming. And so was born the Gaming Dining Table. If you like what you see in this short video, detailed videos and plans are available for purchase in the Wood Whisperer Guild.

gaming-table-sketchupA gaming table can go in many different directions depending on your personal preferences. With two young kids in the house and many years of abuse ahead of it, I knew my table needed to be a solid and durable dining table first and a functional gaming table second. We went through several versions before finally settling on the one you see here which we felt had a good balance of functionality, beauty, and sturdy construction. And by “we” I mean buddies and co-designers Aaron Marshall and Scott Seganti.

While this video is intentionally fast-paced, the instructional videos found in the Guild will walk you through the entire process from lumber selection to finishing. For those who have no interest in the deep details, I hope this quick video inspires you to come up with your own design and build one for yourself.


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