Festool DF 500 Connectors

Video - June 5, 2018

For my Executive Desk build, I needed to employ knock-down hardware where the center panel connects the two pedestals. Traditional knock-down hardware would work just fine but I wanted to explore a new option from Festool. If you have a Festool Domino, their connector system is a no-brainer way to make sturdy non-permanent connections, or at least if the ads are to be believed. Like anything Festool, the system isn’t cheap. But this Executive Desk is actually going to be my “lifetime” desk and build quality is a big priority, so I decided to give them a shot. The DF 500 Connectors have several configurations but I only needed one for my desk, and that’s what I’ll show you here.

From my limited experience with the connectors and this project, I have to say that these are the best/highest-quality knock-down connections I’ve ever seen. The parts aren’t likely to come loose any time soon, which is something that’s all too common with traditional cam-lock hardware (think IKEA). If you find yourself producing a lot of knock-down furniture or need this kind of joint for whatever reason, I think the system is a pretty solid investment.


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