Dining Chair

Video - August 22, 2017

You might recall the Gaming Dining Table I built in 2015. Ever since then, Nicole has been asking repeatedly, “When do I get my chairs?”  So I started designing a new chair that I’d eventually batch out for a total of six. I did this as a Guild project where I discuss the details of my design and prototyping process. With the help of my fellow Guild members, the prototype was improved upon and the final six chairs were completed. If you want to get the plans for this project and get immediate access to all 17 videos, you can do so here.

The video I’ve assembled here is a quick look at the process of designing and building the chair. I hope you enjoy!

While my chairs will sit around my dining table, I should mention that these chairs would also look great around the Trestle Table I built earlier this year.

Get access to the full 17-video build and plans here!


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