Did I Screw Up?! | Carbon Method Update

Video - November 7, 2022

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A few months ago I decided to take rust prevention a little more seriously since I was gearing up for a move to a humid climate. The product I applied was Carbon Coat from Carbon Method and it’s a thin protective graphene coating that is supposed to do a great job of preventing rust. Here’s a link to that video if you want to catch up: We Moved!

In that video I promised to report back on the condition of my table saw after the move. Unfortunately, the results were not as clear-cut as I expected. I had to do some additional research and experimentation in order to provide you guys with an honest and informative update.  So here we are.

Did I Screw Up?!

When I brought my saw into the shop in August, I immediately noticed a bunch of tiny rust spots all over the table stop. I couldn’t help but ask myself if I had screwed up, on multiple fronts. Did I apply the product incorrectly? Did the product fail to work? Did I put my foot in my mouth by agreeing to report back on this new product? The only way to get to the bottom of this was to contact the company and do some additional research and experiments of my own.

Spoiler Alert

Be sure to watch the video for the full explanation, but let me sum up here. Depending on the water source, standing water may still cause rust to form on a cast iron surface that has been coated with Carbon Coat. My testing, however, showed Carbon Coat to be the most effective at protecting metal from ambient humidity when compared to wax and Boeshield T9. So you can bet I’ll be using this product on all of my cast iron surfaces as a form of rust prevention.

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