271 – Castle Bookcase

Video - September 29, 2016

The Castle Bookcase is not only great for storage but also serves as a creative play center for kids of all ages. It features four shelves, a functional drawbridge, battlements, and windows. The entire thing is made from two sheets of plywood and is constructed using glue and screws. For additional strength you can cut dados for the shelves as demonstrated in the video.

Perhaps the best part of this project is the fact that it’s our 2016 Woodworkers Fighting Cancer build. That means if you build a version of the Castle Bookcase and send us a picture by November 30th 2016, we’ll donate  $1 to the charity on your behalf. All proceeds go to the Jessie Rees Foundation.

And be sure to check out the Woodworkers Fighting Cancer page for more information about the history of the event, upcoming auctions, fundraising progress, as well as other ways you can help out.

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The Plans

Stuff You’ll Need

Here are some links to thinks you’ll see me use in the video. Some products are not exact because I couldn’t find a perfect match online, but they are all close enough.

Undersized Plywood Bits – Even though this project only uses one bit, I think it’s good to own all three. They can’t be a real time saver assuming the cut they make matches the plywood you have on hand. Keep in mind, not all plywood is created equal and some may not fit be a perfect match.

Rabbet Bit Set – Rabbeting bits are great but you really need one that takes multiple bearings for it to be fully functional.

Clamping Tool Guide – I find these to be incredibly useful on all kinds of projects. Whether you’re using the router, the circular saw, or even the jig saw, being able to clamp directly to the workpiece is a huge benefit.

Axel Pins – I picked these up at the local craft store so you might be better off sourcing them locally as well. To serve the purpose, the pin needs to have a head on it that’s wider than the shaft. I’ll pause while a select few of you giggle. OK let’s proceed.

Spool – This was also something I picked up from the local craft store. Keep in mind that the winch system I devised did not work as well as I had hoped. To improve on it, I recommend using something of a wider diameter on the user end of the connection. Perhaps a large wooden wheel would do the trick.

Countersink Bit – These are indispensable if you ever plan to use screws in your work. As you can see on this project, they not only pre-drill but they also create a countersink for the screw head.

Cotton Braiding Cord – While any string will do, I found this cord to be lightweight yet durable enough for the job.


Powermatic, Bell Forest Products, Very Super Cool Tools, Fuji Spray, Eagle America, MLCS, MicroJig, QALO Rings, Rockler, and The Wood Whisperer Guild.

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