Benchcrafted Split-Top Roubo

Video - May 7, 2012

Finally, the Benchcrafted Split-Top Roubo workbench is complete. If you can believe it, I started this build back in October! While a workbench is a fairly large time commitment, it shouldn’t have taken me more than a month to complete. But if you add in filming, editing, my first child being born 7 weeks early, and a healthy dose of DDOS attacks on our website, it’s surprising I made it to the finish line at all! As crazy as it may sound, I am almost thankful things happened the way that they did.

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We often talk about workbenches as being “lifetime” projects, meaning they will likely be with us for the duration of our careers. So by nature, this is a very meaningful project. But for me, it goes well beyond that. I simply can’t look at my bench without thinking of my wife and son. Every saw cut, every plane stroke, and every hole drilled has Nicole and Mateo all over it.

Now don’t get the wrong idea. I sure as heck didn’t slack off when it came to the educational side of this project. In spite of being short on sleep and a little loco en la cabeza, I was focused like a laser beam on getting these videos completed and in the hand of Guild members each and every Friday. The end result is over 10.5 hrs of high quality instructional videos!! This is our largest Guild Build to date! The short video above is just a promotional video that we plan to use on our sales pages, but I thought I would post it on the site for all to see. If you are interested in seeing this build, click here to learn more about your membership options.


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