273 – Barrister’s Bookcase

Video - November 3, 2016

Years and years ago there used to be these things called books. We still own some of these relics and occasionally even open them to look at the words. Our old bookcase just wasn’t cutting it anymore and Nicole wanted something that not only looked good, but did a better job at protecting the items within. A Barrister’s Bookcase was just the thing we needed. We not only store books in ours but also collectibles and other things that might be cool to look at through the glass front doors.

Barrister’s bookcases have been around forever and their modular nature means you can expand your collection any time you like. For this particular design, I probably wouldn’t stack them higher than 4 and even then I’d recommend securing the unit to the wall.

This project was designed for The Wood Whisperer Guild and if you like what you see here and want to actually build the project, consider buying the full 13-video series.



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