Assembly of a PM2000 Table Saw

Video - January 16, 2017

I have been running a PM2000 in my shop for nearly 10 years and the move to Colorado afforded me the opportunity to sell the old one and replace it with a newer version that features a 50″ fence and the heavier duty workbench extension. And I thought it would be a good time to show you how to assemble a Powermatic PM2000.Assembly of a PM2000 Table Saw - Old saw

My Old Flame

For those wondering what happened to the old saw, it’s actually a cool story. We needed the cash to help with the move so we offered the saw up for sale. This was around the time we were running our Woodworkers Fighting Cancer charity auctions and our buddy Joseph Muench generously stepped up and bought the saw. But he didn’t actually want it for himself. Instead, he donated it to the charity auctions. The winner of the auction was Guild member Socheat Sou and the proceeds went to the 2016 WFC charity drive. So a big thank you to Joseph for his generosity and to Socheat for giving my saw a great new home.

The New Hotness

So let’s talk about the new saw. The PM2000 comes in several configurations and variations including 3HP, 5HP, 30″ fence, 50″ fence, a router table extension, and a workbench extension. The model I have is the 3HP 50″ Workbench model.

Assembly of a PM2000 Table Saw - New PM2000This video is more or less an instruction manual for the assembly of a PM2000 table saw. As many times as I’ve assembled tools, I always find it easier to follow a video over a traditional manual so I thought this might be of use to new PM2000 owners. Even if you don’t have a PM2000, you might be interested in seeing the assembly process.


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