199 – A Woodworker’s First Aid Kit

Video - May 1, 2013

A long overdue upgrade to the Wood Whisperer shop is a quality first aid kit. A typical first aid kit comes with a bunch of stuff we don’t really need in the wood shop, so I set out to create a first aid kit specifically for woodworkers. While there are certainly other injuries we might experience, the most common will be cuts, splinters, amputation, and debris in the eye. So the primary components of the Woodworker’s First Aid Kit will address those injuries.

In the video, you’ll see I use a nifty Wall-Mounted First Aid Box that is durable and compact. Perfect for hanging on the shop wall!

Cuts & Lacerations

Various Band-Aids – I like strong heavy duty bandages in a variety of sizes and shapes. Knuckle and finger-tip bandages are a favorite in the shop.
Butterfly Strips and Steri-Strips – Great for holding wounds closed.
Gauze Pads – For larger wounds where a bandaid just won’t do.
Gauze Roll
Tape – Holds gauze pads in place.
CA Glue – Can be used to “stitch” a wound closed.
Quick Clot – Stops bleeding fast!
Antibiotic Ointment – Applied to wounds when they can’t be cleaned thoroughly.


Tweezerman Tweezers – Heavy-duty and very sharp tweezers for digging out nasty splinters.
Magnifying Headset – Some splinters are so small that you need magnification to see the details.


Tourniquet – For applying pressure at amputation site.
Instant Cold Pack – To keep the amputated part cool.
Zip-Lock Bag – To transport the amputated part.

Eye Injuries

Eyewash Station – A sterile saline solution to help flush debris out of the eye.


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