120 – A Fancy Raised Panel

Video - June 2, 2010

As much as I would love to show you all the details of my current project, time just won’t allow it. But there is one specific part of the process I wanted to show you: making the raised panels. Now these aren’t your average raised panels, which we covered in detail in Raising Arizona.

The panels actually consist of a walnut and birdseye maple sandwich (you can see the completed doors to the left). The resulting effect give us a birdseye maple border around a unique piece of walnut. Now this was all fine and dandy on paper, but I was quite nervous about the routing process. Both the birdseye maple and the wacky walnut I used had a high likelihood of tearing or chipping out.

Fortunately, Eagle America makes a heck of a sharp router bit! I was able to make all six panels with almost no flaws whatsoever. The surface was so smooth that it only required a light sanding and I was done. If you are interested in this bit, you can purchase it here, and support the show at the same time since we are now an Eagle America affiliate.


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