207 – Tilt-Top Table

Video - September 2, 2013

Small tables are great skill-building projects. You can pack a lot of joinery and techniques into a very confined space while using a small amount of material. The Tilt-Top Table is a great example of this as it contains a turned post, sliding dovetails, curved and tapered legs, an elliptical top, and a classic shop-made tilt mechanism.

While this video summarizes the entire build, I have a lot more footage available for folks who actually want to build the project. In the Guild, this project is represented by 12 videos with over 4 hours of HD video footage. Of course we also have a detailed project plan and SketchUp diagrams for you as well. Get access to the full course here.

Tools & Materials
– Pre-milled wood kits will be made available!
– Jointer, Planer, Tablesaw, Bandsaw
– Miter Saw, Drill, Router
– Lathe (for a turned post)
– Die Grinder and Rasps (for a sculpted post)

Techniques Demonstrated
– Cutting an ellipse
– Turning a table post
– Creating a “Poor Man’s Lathe” router jig
– Routing sliding dovetails
– Cutting curved/tapered legs
– Designing a tilt mechanism
– Carving an alternative spiral post

ttt-cherry-02 copy ttt-cherry-05 copy ttt-cherry-03 copy ttt-cherry-06 copy
ttt-walnut-02 copy ttt-walnut-05 copy ttt-walnut-04 copy ttt-walnut-03 copy

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