Tim’s Workshop

Shop Tour - Submitted by Tim Braun from Heber City, UT
Added on January 21, 2014

My newest garage shop is still a work in progress (as are all shops). I moved from Arizona to Utah in Oct 2009 after a lay-off. My tools went right into storage and I moved in with a friend. We have known each other for a long time and have lived together multiple times. I always took over the garage with my tools.

I told him when moving in, that I didn’t want that to happen again! After a while, we started talking garage cabinets…In came the tools! Last fall I moved my tools back in and my car out. I’ve added a gas infrared high-intensity heater (25,000 BTU), blown-in insulation to the ceiling and insulated the garage doors. I had an electrician add two dedicated 20 amp outlets and 220 volt for my table saw. I’ve built two cabinets so far. The tall one is waiting on more material for door and drawer fronts.

I didn’t want to throw up open shelving because of the future cabinets to come and the garage is nicely finished, but I needed shelves for storage. I decided to make a non-permanent wall to block the single garage door on my shop side and better insulate the area (it’s a 3-car garage). I made it so that the door could clear if opened, but unplugged the opener because I put tall things on the top shelf that I don’t want to come crashing down when I accidentally hit the button!

Many of my tools date back to the mid 90’s when, out of college in Illinois, I started buying to get serious about woodworking. I grew up woodworking as my grandfather and a family friend were both woodworkers and my mom owned (still owns) a big craft store. She kept us all busy! But I never had great tools as a kid. The General table saw was added around 2005. Last winter I built the outfeed table (3’x 5’), taking inspiration from Marc’s TWW/FWW torsion box project. I built mine specifically as an outfeed with undercuts for the back rail and access door for the motor. I also flush-mounted the Kreg pocket-hole plate. The base came from re-purposed cabinets that I added a sub-base to and a space in-between for my Festool vacuum. Besides the table saw, every tool is on wheels. Space is TIGHT! I have a shop’s worth of tools in a single car space. I positioned the table saw so that I can rip full-size sheet goods (barely) if I move the band saw and belt sander. My outfeed table and workbench stay nice and warm under the heater.

Over the years, I built a table or humidor or box. When I moved to AZ, I bought a welder and built many pieces out of steel and wood. Then I decided to challenge myself and built an acoustic guitar in 2003-04. It took a while, but It turned out great and I got hooked. I have focused on guitar making for the last ten years, on and off. I have built four acoustics and 7 electrics. I still own several and the others have gone to friends.

With my shop back up and running and with meeting some other builders and guitar shop owners here in Utah, my goal is to start building guitars again. One problem – I don’t have enough room in my shop for all of my guitar-building jigs! Maybe in shop #5.


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