Steve’s Garage Shop

Shop Tour - Submitted by Steve Lyde from Altus, OK
Added on July 2, 2015

I’m Steve, a hobbyist woodworker from Oklahoma. I have been into woodworking since I was 16 years old, I’m 51 now, but only into finer tools and woodwork for the past 5 years. My shop is my 2-car garage, 20’ x 22’ with a 2’ x 4.5’ alcove in the back where I have my dust collector and air compressor. Some of the storage solutions in my shop are store bought and some I built. My real journey in building up my shop started with the building of a Roubo work bench with Benchcrafted hardware. After that I have been hooked on turning my garage into a woodworking haven with good tools and storage. My real work is seasonal, so I’m lucky enough to spend half or more of each year off work with nothing better to do than play around in my shop. I like to keep my shop clean so all of the large tools are connected to a cyclone dust collector via 6” pvc with automated blast gates and dust collector controls. Most of my smaller tools are Festool which are always used with the Festool dust collectors. Most of my projects consist of furniture builds and home remodeling for myself, along with a few small items for friends.

My desire now is a detached shop in my back yard that is bigger than my current garage, I’m running out of room for tools!!! Thanks for looking.


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