Small Shop Tribute – Shop Tour

Shop Tour -
Added on September 25, 2008

This week’s shop comes from Pierre-Alexandre who says:Ã?  “Hi Marc, here is my tribute to the small shops. I share my shop with my wife’s car and my bike so every thing must fold away and when I want to produce some sawdust, the same ritual applies:Ã?  Get the car out, put the rolling table saw, get the saw horses and the top of my assembly-toolrest-router-outfeed table. My shopvac and compressor sit under my “workbench” and the little fan is my air supply system for the very hot Florida summers,Ã?  I’ve covered the walls with shelves but I always need more space!”

Setting up the shop : 1/2 hour
Cleaning the garage and putting the car back : 1h
One hour or two of sanding/sawing after work : priceless


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