Robert’s Basement Workshop

Shop Tour - Submitted by Robert E Kollman from Kenosha, WI
Added on February 9, 2011

Dark…dank…sometimes refered to as the Mines of Moria (although no trolls are to be found). My shop is filled with all the essentials and few of the extras. All my bigger stuff including the table saw is on wheels. The ceiling in my shop is exactly 6′ high.

This shop has built a desk, cabinets, and one queen size mission style bed. I started the shop 6 years ago out of frustration, when my steuart sauder desk (200.00 and 2 yrs old), fell apart when we moved it to paint a wall. I figured I could build a better desk out of wood for less than that. I was wrong! It cost about $300 to build one out of pine, but it is 5 years old and is still as sturdy as the day it was built!!!!


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