Qash’s Workshop

Shop Tour - Submitted by Qash from Bradford, West Yorkshire, UK
Added on September 30, 2011

Hi All, I mainly make Islamic calligraphy out of exotic and tropical woods. Just thought I would share my workshop with everyone as Marc has inspired me so much in woodworking. I am a British born Asian Muslim.

I rent a unit in a warehouse. Would love to have it in my basement or a garage but l don’t have either! The shop is in a bit of a mess as l am working on a few projects. I bought most of my tools from Axminister. Here in the UK it is quite popular, a bit like your Grizzly’s. Just a run down with the equipment l use:

*Scheppach Deco 450 Scroll saw – I wouldn’t be able to do what l do without this! German made with cast iron top. Solid and beautiful machine to use. I was thinking of getting an Excalibur but this does the job extremely well.

*Jet JTS-10 Bench Top Saw Bench – At the moment being used as a worktop.

*Axminster AWHBS310N Bandsaw – Mid range bandsaw. I do a lot of re-sawing on this and it does an exceptional job.

*Axminster MB9020 Bench Top Planer Thicknesser – Does the job, would like to have the standalone systems when I get more space.

*Axminster WD13L Pillar Drill – Really cheap worktop pillar drill, does the job.

*Dakota Deluxe Full Size Router Table – Love this router table and got it half price from Rutlands £99! Attached is a Titan router.

*Axminster AWEDE2 Dust Extractor – When I got this extractor I thought it would be powerful and keep the dust in, heck was I wrong! This is not the best but I have converted it into a cyclone, and it works pretty well now and the dust surprisingly stays in.

I have been doing woodworking for the past year, but properly got into it in the past 6 months after watching Marc’s tutorials and works from other members.


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