Michael’s Standalone Shop

Shop Tour - Submitted by Micheal Musall from Fishers, IN
Added on November 20, 2013

After years splitting woodworking chores between the mini-barn (rough cuts and heavy mill work) and garage (detail work, assembly and finish) I decided to design and built a standalone workshop in place of the mini-barn. My woodworking projects tend to be modern and “out there”, so I thought it would be appropriate that the new shop be the same way.
The dedicated shop saves time because before I built it, I would have to move vehicles, mowers and garden tools when I wanted to work on a project, then move everything back afterwards. The garage is no longer inundated with saw dust and the new shop’s wood floor will be easier on my middle-aged knees.

The shop is only 190 square feet, but with the scale of projects I work on, that is plenty of space. I recently decided to start using more hand tools and even built my first woodworking bench, so the small space is perfect for that. I wanted a lean-to design so any storage could be kept up and off to the side (instead of directly above with my former gambrel roof mini-barn). I wanted windows on at least three sides for natural light and two sliding doors at the corner to both maximize my wall space to place equipment and allow long pieces to be milled if needed.

There will be power supplied to it so I won’t be running an extension cord all the time from the house. The south windows can be removed when it is warm out. It took much more time to build (I still have some touch-up work left) but it has been worth the effort.


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