Marcel’s Basement Shop

Shop Tour - Submitted by Marcel from Ottawa, Ontario
Added on June 5, 2014

I’m really happy with how my shop turned out and there’s not much I’d change about it. Being a small shop and in the basement, my thinking was it needed to be well-organized and provide decent dust collection. Since my basement floor was very unlevel (3.5inch across 10 feet) I started by building a plywood sub floor to level it out. A very nice benefit is the added comfort vs. walking around on a concrete slab during long sessions.

The middle of my shop consists of my table saw housed in a torsion box table. It functions perfectly as my out feed table as well as a good assembly and finishing spot. My miter saw station takes most of the far wall and has a semi circle dust shoot which does a great job at catching the dust. My woodworking table was built from a few extra boxes of ¾ inch maple flooring. After using my bandsaw to remove the finish from the flooring I was able to laminate the the boards together to build a strong heavy top. My 13″ Dewalt planer shares a swivel top table with my Rigid oscillating sander. This is a great space saver for small shops since you don’t often have to switch between them during a build.

I was also able to cannibalize a bathroom right beside my shop for my wood storage needs. The only thing left from the bathroom is the toilet which is perfect to keep me from tracking more dust upstairs—when you have to go you have to go. It also gets a few laughs when people visit my shop.


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