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Shop Tour -
Added on November 4, 2008

This week’s shop comes from Kevin in MA. Let’s check his place out to see why he says its odd:

“My name is Kevin and I’ve been watching your podcast in Worcester MA. I’m sending you these photos of my humble and odd little shop for the shop of the week segment. I’m a beginning woodworker who lives in an old condo building. I love my round living room, but my round storeroom underneath it presents some challenges.”

“I’m trying to use every inch of the weird shaped space I have so I fabricated J-hooks out of scrap to hang stuff from the rafters. there was an inset in the wall where a basement window had been walled off with cinder block, so my Ikea boxes went there. The pegboard is attached to studs that go from the rafters to the workbench. The drill press and scroll saw were purchased when Lowes re-branded everything from Powertech to Kobalt for short money, the Ryobi table saw is usually folded up and has its own nook. The cart I built, a door and two sawhorses are usually dragged into a basement common room that I use for assembly. The Ryobi mitre saw stand and Porter Cable miter saw usually end up in a wide spot in the common hallway. And electrical power is via a long heavy extension cord that I plug in upstairs in my unit. I’m careful to only run one tool at a time.”

“I hate using good wood to make shop fixtures (I’m a Yankee, I’m cheap) and a lot of my tools are from a local used tool store, so the shop fixtures are a little crude, but its all sturdy and mostly recovered lumber or cull lumber pieces from Home Depot.”

“Its dark, dirty, cramped and doesn’t smell great down there, but there are few places I’d rather spend a day off. Thanks for sharing this, and keep the podcasts coming!”

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