Jordan’s Garage Woodshop

Shop Tour - Submitted by Jordan Crawford from Perth - Australia
Added on April 15, 2012

My workshop was bought to life after a long awaited trip around Europe was cut short (4 months short to be precise). Upon my return to Australia, I had a rather generous amount of money still left in the bank and instead of throwing it at something like a new car or using it as a deposit on a house, I decided to invest it in something I had always loved…woodworking!

I aim to create a space that is capable of taking me from being a hobbyist as I am now, to one day becoming a professional woodworker. At age 20, I still have a long way to go but I have plenty of time!

I already had a good selection of handheld power tools, but machinery was something I had to start from scratch with so I started the spending spree with my 10” table saw. Although its not the best table saw in the world, it does a good job and with a bit of a tune, it performs very well.

After my table saw purchase,new tools kept finding their way into my shop. The first of which was a thickness planer. Naturally I would need to get a jointer to accompany my planer. I had heard that the local machinery shop had a special on their 8” long bed jointer, so there I was in the car with the credit card and on my way!

With the jointer, I noticed a huge improvement in the quality of my work and as I got more confident and started tackling bigger projects, I noticed that I started “needing” new tools, so eventually a 14” band saw, drill press, disk/belt sander, drum sander, a second 6” jointer, a scroll saw and an oscillating spindle sander found their way into the shop.

This is where my shop stands at the moment and I am very happy with it. I really enjoy making contemporary chairs and coffee tables. Currently I’m working on a fairly big project, a bent lamination dining room table that I’m documenting on my website. I also do a bit of restoration work here and there and in the future, I hope to get into some projects involving marquetry, oh and possibly I would like to get into making some wooden jewelry too.


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