Jon’s Standalone Shop

Shop Tour - Submitted by Jon from Colorado Springs, CO
Added on December 28, 2012

I built this shop from the ground up starting in March of this year, it’s a continual work in progress. It is a well insulated 560 sq. ft. wood framed structure with a closet that has additional insulation to keep paints and glues from freezing in the winter and to keep the decibels from my compressor and dust collector down. I decided to go with a scissor truss sitting on 9’6″ walls to achieve 11’6″ height at center of the shop. It helps with storage and incorporating a bouldering cave my wife and I use for strength training for climbing. It hasn’t been cold enough to test it out yet, but I just finished wiring in a NewAir G73 electric heater that should be just enough to keep it warm during our mild winters.

Now that I have all of my tools organized for my occupation as a home remodeler, I can start to focus on outfitting the shop with some larger/newer equipment starting with upgrading from a bench top planer. I eventually plan on moving my truck outside to make room for larger projects in the winter and a possible finishing area. This has been a huge upgrade for me moving out of the uninsulated, horribly lit, and very small dungeon of a shop I worked out of for 4 years.


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