Jim’s Woodshop

Shop Tour - Submitted by Jim Woodward from Houston, TX
Added on September 9, 2011

Since I was sending these photos off to family, I thought I would send you a set as well, especially since it’s the Wood Whisperer lumber rack, plywood/sheet good bin design that I used to help get my shop in order! I wish I had thought to take pictures of the shop before the re-arrangement and show just how much family crap was stored in the garage. I finally got the wife, her daughters and the ex-husband to go through the crap and as I suspected, most of it ended up in the trash. After all if you haven’t used it, looked for it, or wanted it in over 6 years then odds are you don’t need it and it can go bye-bye.

With the garden paraphernalia and the camping gear moved back into the back “cubby” area of the garage and the stuff off the wall where I wanted the lumber rack built, I finally had the space I was looking for to get shop equipment placed more efficiently. I now feel like my 2 car garage has room to move around in and that I have plenty of space. I no longer have to do the juggling act of moving tools around for each step in a project and then invariably having to pull something back out for that missed-operation or to fix something along the way that needs that tool pushed off into a corner. I really hope that the space means less use of the mobile bases (though the band saw and drill press will still sometimes have to be pulled away from wall when doing stuff on longer pieces, but I consider that somewhat minor).

Two major future additions still need to occur. DUST COLLECTOR and air filter needs to happen sooner rather than later (I am trying to get that worked into the budget). The other addition is to get the Roubo workbench finished. The legs and stretches have all their tennons and mortises chopped/cut, I just need to get the large SYP beams resawn and milled and glued together and do all the final build of that and mount vise hardware (most of the wood for the Roubo bench is stored in the lumber rack over the plywood storage bin).

So right now I am a pretty happy woodworker with a shop that has a pleasant atmosphere and room to move around in!


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