Jarek’s Workshop

Shop Tour - Submitted by Jarek Ostaszewski from Zerkow, Poland
Added on June 13, 2013

My old shop had only 130 Sq Ft. It was very small place, but so cozy. When I decided to build a new one at 700 Sq Ft, I wanted this shop to be nice and cozy as well. It’s still in progress now :)

In late autumn I started to prepare a wooden structure and believe me it was a race against time to finish it before winter. I made it all of wood (outside and inside). Roof structure supported by trusses gives a very nice visual effect. Slip plywood floor provides comfort and extra insulation. No window, just 2 doors, one of normal size and the second is wider so you can drive a forklift truck in.

I have a couple of Felder’s wood machines:
– B3 – Winner Comfort (dimension saw + spindle moulder)
– A341 – Planer & thicknesser with silent power cutter head
– N4400 – Bandsaw
– RL125 – Great dust extractor and air cleaner
and of course a lot of Festool stuff and hand tools as well. I can spend whole days at my workshop…of course with my wife Lidia :)


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