Greg’s Garage Shop

Shop Tour - Submitted by Greg from Broken Arrow, OK
Added on December 12, 2013

I thought folks might like to see how a little space can be used to do work. The first photo is obviously my workbench which I built long ago. You can see my car right beside it the mirror always gouges me in the back when I’m trying to cut something that’s gripped in the vise.

Turning to the left, you can see some of my storage. For some reason, that is a dead corner that collects all sorts of junk and I can’t seem to figure out how to use it and not have wood and seldom used tools piled there. On top is a set of vertical drawers which you can see in the third pic. I built that to store small stuff like nails, screws, etc. I am showing one of the lightly-used ones; most are full. It’s really handy.

Turning left again, you see a bank of drawers. I used to have those under the workbench but I find I work better with only a few commonly used things under the bench (like planes) and I now use this to do planing.

A little further left, is my bandsaw and shopvac on the far wall in front of my truck. That’s pretty tight there and I have a hard time getting big pieces in there but it works after a fashion. The good part is that I keep two vehicles in here out of the weather as well as getting some woodworking done. Some day I hope to move into a dedicated space but till then, I manage to build a few things.


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