George’s Basement Workshop

Shop Tour - Submitted by George Hardin from Granite Bay, CA
Added on March 17, 2016

I started building furniture when I was 12 years old. I took wood shop in school, and after HS I started buying whatever tools I could afford. In my early 20s I supported myself making furniture. I then had a long career in information technology. Building furniture is now my retirement gig and my passion. Some of my tools I purchased in 1969 and they refuse to die. Others such as the miter saw and planer were recently replaced. I have spent a considerable amount of time adapting dust collection into every stationary/portable power tool. My multi tool bench (planer, jointer, scroll saw, miter saw and drill press all have dust collection with independent blast gates. My rolling workbench has a built vacuum for attachment to various portable power tools. I also like to be very organized, can you tell?


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