Doug’s Garage Shop

Shop Tour - Submitted by Doug
Added on July 21, 2010

My wife and I bought our house in Nov 2008, it is such a huge step up from our old, very small house. I love my new garage but still have to share it with the family. We park cars in it over winter and bikes, skate boards and lawn equipment share space in the summer.

I have some lower end power tools that get the job done and everything moves around pretty easily when I need to work on my car or something. I do have a nice out building with wood floors that I am hoping to move the wood shop into but I have to clean it out and find other places to store all of our junk, you know, the totes full stuff that you have not laid eyes on in over 3 years but still feel you might need it someday.

I hope you enjoy the pics, I just recently built a new work bench with a shelf, I have wall installed shelving around the perimeter and I also just got done mounting a PC at my work bench that connects to my internet via wireless.


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