Daniel’s Portable Shop

Shop Tour - Submitted by Dan from California
Added on April 30, 2008

I know you like to see how other guys set up their shops or their layout and since I am a carpenter/woodworker on the go, I thought I would send you a couple of pics of my “command center”. It’s a chest that originally belong to a woodworker that worked on airplanes , and it’s rumored that he worked on “Air-force 1” ( I don’t believe it) . I bought from a friend here in Borrego, and it was the best $50 bucks I ever spent! The chest was set- up for mostly hand tooling, and it took a while for me to find out what each little custom holder originally held, but I realized that I needed to retro-fit the chest to my needs starting with the removal of the casters. Now it serves as command central from the back of my truck, and I make dozens of trips to it everyday. What I am able to fit into this chest is amazing. All of my hand power tools, hand tools, and a modest hardware store ( that lives on the top) all fit snugly in the chest.


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